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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Venue Review: Germain Amphitheater

Even though it no longer exists, Germain Amphitheater has left a legacy in this city.

The very first concert I ever attended was at Germain (then called Polaris Amphitheater). It was a hot and balmy August evening in 1994. Opening was Willie Pheonix, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and headlining was The Cranberries.

My friend Ryan and I stood around trying to find someone to buy us cigarettes (since we were 14 at the time), finally finding a dude who looked to be in his 20's (he was actually 16). But they sold to him because he looked old. Hell, they probably would have sold to us if we had thought to ask.

Germain brought a lot of big names to Columbus and a lot of big festivals. Yeah, the prices of drinks and food sucked, but they do everywhere. But where else could you see Queens of the Stone Age or Dragonforce share a stage with Jane's Addiction or Black Label Society? Or see Rush one night, and N.E.R.D. and The Roots the very next night?

After every concert I attended at Germain, I always said, "That is the last time I'm going to that shit hole." But I always ended up going back.

Germain had problems like bad acoustics, no shade from the sun, and no smoking under the pavilion. But for a lot of people, it provided a lot of good memories.
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