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Friday, May 9, 2008

Venue Review: Rumba Cafe

The Rumba Cafe is a sweet little spot on the corner of Hudson and Summit.

Friendly bartenders, reasonably priced drinks, and a nice atmosphere suitable for fun-drinkery. I don't recommend going to the Rumba to drink your sorrows away. Unless you want to hear whitey-jazz, whitey-reggae, funk, and some rock, while you drown your pain, that is.

The Rumba has a great enclosed patio in the back too. Several covered tables to sit and keep the sun out of your eyes. Lots of plants and greenery and a tiki bar make you feel like your in another country.

The clientele ranges from starving-artist college students to young professionals, to scene-kids, to old men who look like they should be in a smoke-filled blues bar. a lot of hippies and wannabe hippies too.

Oh yeah, and they serve food and have a GREAT happy hour.
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