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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Song Review: White Devil by Unholy Two

Sounds like a broken Public Service announcement in the midst of the final nuclear holocaust. Naked aggression and violent feedback, mask the intention of the song. i say "mask" because like every Unholy Two song, no matter how important the lyrics are to singer Chris Lutzko, they fall on deaf ears to whoever hears them. The distortion and feedback, not only in recordings but in live performances as well, is so overbearing that the lyrics (and for that matter, the vocals altogether) simply don't matter.

I've read elsewhere about Lutzko's hatred for all things and how he's the most evil man in columbus music.

I really don't see it.

While i don't personally know him, I've seen his act live. They didn't do anything bad or say anything that i thought was provocative in the least. Then again, i'm the guy that says God kills children because he wants naked boys running around heaven.

all that being said, i dig this tune, as i dig most songs by Unholy Two. Also, in case you are wondering, they play shows every week, so they are pretty easy to see.
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