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Monday, May 12, 2008

Venue Review: Newport Music Hall

The Newport is the oldest continuously running concert venue in the United States. Virtually every big name has played the Newport at one time or another, which is sad because of the state of disrepair the venerable building is in right now.

Promowest doesn't seem to know what to do with the place. On the one hand, they seem to recognize that Columbus needs a venue with 1200 person capacity to attract mid-sized bands and that they can make money out of that need.

On the other hand, Promowest doesn't seem to give a shit about upkeep or their customers. They removed the only drinking fountain, the restrooms haven't been cleaned in years, and they vastly overcharge for water and beer.

the water thing is what really pisses me off though. when i was a teenager, that water fountain was the only thing that kept me alive through many a nights' mosh pit. and those pig-fuckers at Promowest took out the water fountain and force dkids to pay... what is it now? 3 bucks for a bottle of water?!?!

fuck promowest. someone needs to buy out the Newport before those shitheels run it completely into the ground.
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