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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Venue Review: High 5 Bar and Grill

High 5 is like the unfortunate middle kid of the family, with Bernie's being the older brother, and Ravari being the younger sister.

Bernie's gets the good punk bands and real underground shit, Ravari gets the best metal bands and some really good punk acts, and poor High 5 gets the crap that's left over.

Back in the day, before High 5 was bought out and renovated, it was a dark, seamy night club that had a dark seamy atmosphere. Nowadays the entire front wall has been replaced with huge windows, the DJ booth looks like some kind of flying saucer, and the bartenders are some of the biggest assholes in the city.

With the exception of the occasional MC Chris concert, there really is no reason to go to High 5 anymore. Unless you want to be treated rudely by people with lame tattoos who wear pants 3 sizes too small.

they serve food, but i've never ordered anything. the reason for this is because i've looked into the kitchen when the door swung open. no thank you.

all that being said, High 5 always has an exceptional beer selection. which is amusing since 99% of all High 5 patrons drink PBR. you know, PBR, the beer for douche-bag scene kids.
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