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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Venue Review: Andyman's Treehouse

so, Andyman and Quinn Fallon (that guy from X-Rated Cowboys who is running the bar EVERY TIME i've ever been to the Treehouse) have decided to sell Andyman's Treehouse. I don't know to who it has been sold, but i DO know that i don't like this news.

If you haven't been (and you should go tonight, tomorrow, saturday and sunday before it changes hands on Monday) Andyman's is named after the CD101 dj who co-owns(ed) the joint. it is called the Treehouse because it has a decent sized tree growing in the center of it. around the tree are benches, for you see, you can sit in the the tree, and watch a band play. or listen to a stand-up comedian. or chat with whoever your with. or drink in solitude.

good beer selection, always friendly bar staff (well, it used to be. i don't know what's going to happen after Monday), comfortable couches, an elvis lamp, only 1 pool table and a coed restroom.

Andyman's Treehouse is (or was) the cat's pajamas.
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