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Monday, June 23, 2008

4 Song Review: The Injured Heads

The Injured Heads
"Down by the river and i feel so good, O-HI-O" This would be a great song to listen to while smoking a pipe and fishing. The chorus is simple and catchy. Acoustic guitar and light drums. The recording could use some work, and the drums sound a little off around 1:30. That aside, it's a nice summer time song.

Crossroads to Nowhere
Heavy electric guitar and drums on this one. Reminds me of early Black Sabbath. Ends abruptly at 1 minute, so I doubt it's even finished. But I suppose that just goes with the title of the song.

Once again, heavy guitars and drums. Unlike "Crossroads," this has vocals. Sabbath-y riffs, with punk drums. Sloppy in places, but I can see myself bangin' my head to it.

Opening percussion reminds me of that 80's song, "Hey Mickey." That is, until the guitar jumps in. Some heavy punk shit here. Mostly instrumental; there are vocals but they are hard to make out. And then the song fades out. Track ends with someone (I think Jimmy Z) saying, "Let's play Ohio." So I'm thinkin' these tracks were all recorded in one take at the same time. which isn't a bad thing.
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