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Monday, June 23, 2008

4 Song Review: Darynyck

Darynyk (Band web site) (Myspace)

[Disclaimer: I hate to admit this, but these guys might be too good for me to review. Aw hell, i'll try i guess. - TR]

no time
Starts slow with an acoustic guitar and soft, earnest vocals. This song makes me feel sad and introspective. Song slowly builds as electric guitar and bass are introduced. God, I want a beer to weep into. What have I been doing with my life? Daryn and Nyck's vocals complement each other. very nice tune.

thankfully more rocking than "no time." This is a bit more light-hearted and straight-forward. "Oh, you got it." Yeah, you do. Did I hear claps? Dang, I like songs with clapping in 'em. Makes me happy.

Geez, I was unprepared for the word, "Fuck" in this song because I don't recall any swearing in any of the other songs. This is a break-up song. And a damn good one at that. I'm really diggin' the harmonica and the vocals. Actually, I like everything about this song.

people get together
this song is like a mash up of every single 60's everyone-be-happy song ever written. Tambourines and bell-bottoms, sideburns and Lennon sunglasses. A very happy song.

Dang it, I'm not used to having nothing to complain about. Damn you Darynyck! I'm going to go reread my review of Avionix to return myself to a more comfortable pissed-off state.
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