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Friday, February 3, 2012

Time for a new band

My first band was a short-lived (but long notorious) punk band called Third Trimester Abortion. My second band was a rap group (also notorious) called Hotsauce. We recorded, like, 30 songs. Ask, and I'll send you some. Third band was a country group that never got off the ground called, Kissin' Cousins. Kissin' Cousins had songs like, "You Crashed a Plane into the Twin Towers of My Heart," and, "She Left Me for our Son."

Now, I have determined the next band I start will be called, Moonwolf.

Moonwolf is a shitcore metal band that only plays covers of Xfactor1 and Bobaflex. Our band t-shirts are made from shirts we buy at Walmart and Goodwill that have wolves and Moons printed on them.

Try to come up with something better than that. I dare you.
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