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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review: Pictures of You

Pictures of You is a web comic written by Gibson Twist.

I haven't finished it yet, in fact I've only finished the first story arc, but man, i feel that it's so good that i should recommend it here.

This is a story about kids coming of age in college. There is a lot of heavy foreshadowing about some tragic events that will occur in the future, which leaves a gloomy cloud over the lighthearted story - just like real life.

The characters are very lifelike in how they are portrayed and I'm absolutely sure that anyone reading it knows someone who is very similar to at least one of these characters... that's how well written this is.

The fact that Twist is presenting this as an online graphic novel is intriguing in the pure audacity of the mission. Most web comics are short 3 - 4 panel jokey strips. Most have some sort of overall theme and many have a continuous story that grows and advanced.

But the mission of Pictures of You seems to be a self-contained front-to-back novel with an actual ending; unlike any other web comic I've ever seen. It is a noble endeavor, and so far Twist has done nothing but impress with his effort.

Another really cool thing about Pictures of You is that it has a bookmarking feature that you can click and it saves your place. Much more handy than bookmarking on Firefox.

Because of the format of this blog, i can't show a page of the comic. However, I've left links galore, so follow them.
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