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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lackluster looking for a drummer

taken directly from Lackluster's Myspace site

Live in Central Ohio, play drums, and want to be in a band that's growing? Let us know!

We have been playing locally, and regionally pretty extensively for the last year. Our drummer had to leave, and we're all ready (and waiting) to take the next step. We're using the time to write new material, and record, but also focusing on finding an ideal drummer. We ARE NOT looking for a carbon copy of anyone. In fact, we're looking for something unique and original. We work hard to not sound like anyone (that we know of). So, we are an original band in the truest sense, and are looking for someone who wants to be involved creatively in such a group. We make consistent efforts to grow, and need someone who wants to grow as well. But, to get right down to it, we need someone who can play to a click, is creative, and is willing to tour.
You can check out music, video, and press @
If interested, feel free let us know. We have a private space on the east side with multiple full kits... as both myself and the bassist drum for other bands. So, all you would need to bring to an audition is yourself and whatever you feel necessary. But, please own a kit.

But to make extra sure I don't get bothered by people who skipped over the ad to this point... original band, play to a click, touring.

Jon Thought, it should be noted that they were all recorded by myself as demos. The quality is fine, but they're really more of a jumping off point. Check out "Liars," and "Why Try Harder," for the best representation of what we are currently doing. The tracks are also available right here on our MySpace page in shitty MySpace quality.
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