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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sleep Fleet at Carabar

One of the best things about where I live (and there are a lot of cool things) is that I can walk to Carabar in approximately 7 minutes.

So when I heard that Sleep Fleet not only relocated from Dayton to Columbus, but is also playing a show at Carabar, I made it a point to attend. The bassist for Sleep Fleet, Nick, is a former co-worker of mine, has one of the best mustaches in the city, and knows more about cars than I ever will. Seriously, the dude is a mechanic. I used to ask him questions all the time.

This Is My Suitcase opened and I assume they performed well, as I missed all but the end of their last song.

Sleep Fleet was the wiener between the buns (so to speak), and performed... I don't even know... noise punk? Nah, that's stupid. No point being that specific to label anything. I hate labels. Sleep Fleet blasted out some loud, obnoxious, feedback filled, sonic destruction.

I loved it.

Sleep Fleet killed it.

See these dudes every time they play. Also, Nick has an awesome mustache and loves talking about mustache upkeep and styling. He even told me his secret to his up-twirled mustache. I won't reveal it, simply because it is THAT awesome.

He also convinced me to regrow my beard.
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