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Monday, July 2, 2012

One of the greatest quotes of all time

"Children should not be allowed to create music, their pathetic feeble inexperienced minds can do nothing but cling to dull dimwitted jams of verse chorus verse pastiche conjured with the artistic equivalent of a McDonald's fry cook... blind do their voices relentlessly call out, drowning the sublime with their mediocrity. And so entails the horrors of modern day musical society... LMFAO's and Arcade Fires, Lady Gagas and Flo Ridas, Kurt Cobain's and Radioheads, white panics and cetera et cetera.

And to think, these pretentious children categorize themselves into generic little clubs waving their subgenera flags to proclaim unity, calling themselves rappers and punk rockers, indie rockers, emo metal heads, experimental blah blah blahs

Ha! I have had enough...Come Vivaldi, let us make haste and spin the world round with beauty" - Ben Whitney
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