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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ray Ray's Hog Pit

Ray Ray's Hog Pit is located on the corner on Pacemont and High street, in the parking lot of the Super Food Mart on Friday's Saturday's and Sunday's. The rest of the week, the trailer is hidden in a secret location known only to a chosen few.

I've been eating regularly at Ray Ray's for about 8 months now. It is my lunch on most weekends. I am currently the Mayor of Ray Ray's on Foursquare, and have been for some time. I love it. Everyone I know that has been there loves it. You should love it too.

The menu is simple, self explanatory, and with out pretension. There are three regular sandwiches; Beef brisket, pulled pork, and Carolina pulled pork. All three are amazing, but the Carolina is definitely my favorite of the three. The vinegar-based sauce is delicious, and the cole slaw slopped on the meat adds a creamy texture and counterweight to acidity.

Ray Ray's also occasionally offers specialty sandwiches like smoked turkey and most recently, burnt-end beef brisket. If you ever get the chance to eat the burnt-end brisket, you will slap your thigh and exclaim, "GAWD DAMN!" This is absolutely true. One of the best sandwiches I've ever had.

On Sundays, Ray Ray's sells a grain-fed beef brisket sandwich with a Dogfishhead Ale sauce (mustard based?) that will make your knees weak.

The ribs come in a sample size (3 ribs, split into 6) as well as half and full racks. There is literature posted on the side of the trailer about why the ribs are pink in the middle and how ribs are supposed to be cooked. It's all genius, and the ribs are some of the best I've ever had.

There are several different sauces available to choose from. Sweet BBQ, Jalepeno, and Habenero. All are wonderful, although everyone seems to have a favorite.

The sides are definitely worth mentioning too. The Mac and Cheese is absolutely killer - someone told me they throw it in the smoker (I don't know if that is a fact) and you can taste it. Possibly the best mac and cheese I've ever had that I didn't make myself. They also serve collard greens, cole slaw, and baked beans. The collard greens are good, a bit salty, but you'll have that.

Ray Ray's also has deserts in the form of banana pudding that is excellent. Drinks are glass bottles of ginger ale, birch soda, and mellow tea. Music is almost always reggae - and strangely doesn't seem out of place at all.

Prices are cheap for the serving size and taste-value of what you get. For example, the pulled pork sandwich is only $4 and you won't find a better one in Columbus.

Here is their Facebook page, which is updated with whatever they're cooking up for the weekend.

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