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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sexiness, Spruce Campbells, and other stuff

Sometime in the near future, Quarantine will interview Jason of The Spruce Campbells. It should have happened earlier this month, but my old tape recorder went to the Big Analog Tape Depository in the Sky.

Speaking of The Spruce Campbells, their next EP should be coming out soon and I have been informed that it is very, "sexy." Sexy is always good.

Ino other news, Lackluster is having a CD release show at Ravari Room on April 15 with Lost Revival, The Spruce Campbells, and a mystery guest. Wouldn't it be cool if Hotsauce had a reunion?

Quarantine is also looking for a new reviewer. We have a back log of albums that need to be written up. You won't get paid, but you'll get a by-line, free music, and maybe make some new connections.

We always take submissions of any music; from a single song, to a rock opera. So if you are in a band, send us your stuff and we'll give it a fair review. Submissions always take precedence over anything else (anything else meaning stuff I pick up at the record shop, which is currently what the back-log consists of)

Lastly, Quarantine is one of the very few music blogs in Columbus. Less pretentious than half of a hipster, but still cooler than your mom.
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