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Monday, December 6, 2010

Darynyck - The Chaotic LP

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Today's review is of Darynyck's newest release; The Chaotic LP.  Daryn and Nyck switch lead vocals and instruments throughout album, and all the songs were recorded by the two in various basements and attics.

Listening to this album, it would probably lead you to believe that Darynyck are heartbroken and depressed individuals. It's a stark contrast to their live performances, where they are cheerful, fun, and very personable.  The songs on The Chaotic LP are beautiful in their simplicity, and absolutely gorgeous in the feelings they evoke in the listener. These are themes that most people have felt at one point or another, but are difficult to put into words.  Darynyck has found a way to express and deliver these themes and feelings in a surprisingly upbeat style that manages to remain honest without seeming condescending.  I think I love this album.

Make Some Music - A primer on starting a band because, "you're tired of working for the man."  I could totally see this song being played on Sesame Street by a band of muppets to teach kids about playing music.  It's a sweet, fun song that's just enjoyable to listen to.  It isn't full of profound or deep lyrics, or overly complicated compositions.  It's just a couple dudes making music.

Working Hard (Going Nowhere) - Light, fast-paced, with simple arrangements.  The song pretty much asks the listener if it's all worth it?  Going to college to get a job, working hard, but you never know what's going to happen, do you?  What is time well-spent?  What is really worth it?  It's a rhetorical question, obviously, but lyrically this song is a stark contrast to the previous track.

Chaotic - Interestingly, one of the first songs I heard from Darynyck a few years ago. Although the liner notes say it was recorded in 2006, so I guess that shouldn't be surprising. Acoustic pop with lots going on in the background - tambourine, claps, harmonica.  Nyck sings, with Daryn and guest Gabe; on backing vocals.  I've known my share of chaotic women and this song reminds me of all of them. However, I have to wonder; is the behavior really chaotic? Or more like indecisive?

Pure and True - Different style than the previous tunes. Different feel; more like a traditional folk song. The whistling complements the rest of the music; in most other songs by other artists that contain whistling, it is often used as a centerpiece of sorts - and usually sucks.  Not here.  The lyrics remind me... unfortunately they remind me of myself and a past relationship in a lot of ways.  I listened to this song a few times; just reminiscing about the past and how I'm glad I'm sane after all that happened.

Same Old Song - Another simple and straightforward tune with some cool guitar effects that do not overshadow the singing.

Pieces - Jesus, another song that seems to be ripped from my own experiences.  I'm starting to think that Darynyck are telepathic and have scoured my brain.  Or are these themes more universal and shared than I previously thought?  Beautiful song in a tragic way.

Now or Never -Quick tempo, still going along with the theme of complicated love and sad, failing relationships.  Now I'm convinced they've been stalking me and taking notes.  This is a gorgeous song, but kind of hurts to listen to, as it strikes too close to home.

Alive - This is another song that is slowed down, downcast in mood, and full of honest feeling. 

Waiting (Did It Again) - "Well it looks like I fucked up, I did it again..."  I think this is the only song with swearing in it, and that conservative usage really adds to the power of the word.  While on the surface it doesn't seem like it, this song seems bitter to me.  Bitter at the narrators feeling of being at fault, and bitterness at hoping for something better. I may be wrong, but art is up to the interpretation of the audience, right?

New City Lights - A song about moving on.  The singing wraps around the beat rather than being subordinate to timing (which is how 99% of all rock songs are), which is pretty neat.  The music is upbeat and a little quicker in tempo than most of the other songs on the album.

Last A Lifetime - A departure from the styles of the previous songs.  Much more focused on the lyrics and singing, rather than the instrumentation.

Without You, It's True - The perfect closer for the album.  The last line sums up not only this song, but the entire feeling of the album; "I hope you'll come around." 

If I had heard this album a year ago, it would have never left my CD player and I probably would have cried everytime I listened to it.  I know some people who could use the catharsis, and I will be passing this on to them.  Buy this album, borrow it from a friend, just find a way to listen to it. It is well worth it.

One last thing; My favorite Darynyck song is I'm So Sad (which DID help me through a rough patch), unfortunately I'm So Sad is on the Sasquatch Sessions, which is an album I do not have, nor have I listened to. Someday I hope to rectify that.

Darynyck on Sonicbids, Myspace, Youtube, and CD Baby

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