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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Used Kid's Records

According to Used Kid's Records, the proper way to support local music is to tell anyone who suggests how to better support said music to go fuck themselves.

Around 10 years ago, a clerk at Used Kid's pissed me off so much on my very first visit (at their old location) that I never went back until 2 years ago. I only went back on that occasion to please my then-girlfriend.  I was impressed with the new location and was hit on by some random hot chick while smoking a cigarette outside.  So it was a good second impression.
Since then, Used Kid's has become my go-to record store.  Not because it is better in any way than any other record store, but because it's close to where I live and easy to get to.
So, just like many other people, I befriended Used Kid's on Facebook.  This led to the record store inviting me (twice) to an event called, "Weekend of Mayhem."  Weekend of Mayhem is an event with live music, record deals, and is advertised as such, "Please come out and support your local independent record store as well as your local music scene."
I think I do a fairly decent job in supporting the local music scene.  I give free press to local bands, I stroke their egos, give creative criticism, go to their concerts, and buy their CDs and vinyl records.  So, being the supporter of local music that I am, I suggested, in an admittedly snarky way, that Used Kid's could do just a tiny bit more for local music than what they are currently doing.
this is the result.
Yes, you read that right.  For my suggestion of moving the local music section nearer the register and out of a box on the floor, I have been called a "dickweed" by the official Used Kid's facebook page.  Think about that for a moment, but not too long, as the story continues!
Used Kid's, in their infinite wisdom, made two identical event pages for Weekend of Mayhem.  So I wrote the exact same thing on the second page that I wrote on the first.  This is the response and boy, it's a doozy!
In case you can't see it for some reason, here is a screenshot
So, an employee, who is an actual representative of the store, told me to "shove it up my ass."
See folks, that's a classy lady right there.  All this time, I thought I knew what it was to support local music.  But I was obviously very wrong.
According to Used Kid's Records, the proper way to support local music is to tell anyone who suggests how to better support said music to go fuck themselves.  Obviously they are right, because several people "liked" what they have to say and even defend their position.  Well, okay, their defense isn't really all that good, since he just called a local musician and myself "douche bags."
I will provide no links to Used Kid's Records as I have no interest in generating any business for them at this time.  If you want to buy records from stores not operated by dickheads, spend your money at these fine establishments:
Spoonful Records
116 E Long St
Columbus, OH 43215
Lost Weekend Records
2960 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43202-1136
Magnolia Thunderpussy
1155 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43201

[Edit:  I have no issue with the owners of Used Kid's Records.  I sincerely doubt that Ron or Dan even know about any of this.  Although the girl who told me to "shove it up my ass" is apparently Dan's daughter, I have no reason to believe that he or Ron House feel the same way.  But it does not change the fact that I will no longer shop at their store, nor will I encourage anyone else to shop there.]
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