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Monday, August 9, 2010

Album Review: Mosques, Museums, and Mausoleums by The Spruce Campbells

Mosques, Museums, and Mausoleums is the first of five or six, 4 song EP's. Each EP has its own title, but all are (or rather, will be) collectively called, The Bipolar Coordinates EP's.

Each EP is to have 2 pairs of songs (for you quick ones out there, that's a total of 4 songs), with the songs in each pair to have similar themes or styles that bring them together.

I think I've listened to these 4 songs more times than the last 4 albums I've received or bought combined.  It kind of makes me scared as to what kind of earth-shaking, sheet-clenching, toe-curling orgasm I'm going to have when I listen to the next 4 discs.

actual review after you scroll down and look at the album art...

Black Sunshine is a gorgeous tune that is reminiscent of The Pixies with the soft female lead and a kind of obnoxious male chorus.  I don't mean that the chorus is bad in any way, I'm just saying Frank Black had an obnoxious voice and this is comparable. Musically however, it is far more complicated than a Pixies tune.  When I heard this song live, it struck me as being more similar to the Dandy Warhol's, but I get none of that here on the album.  Great song on the album, amazing song to hear live.

More O's just made me cream my jeans for the umpteenth time.  Everything about this song makes me happy.  There is clapping, and clapping is good.  The transitions from simple and soft to bombastic and crazy is amazing.  The keyboards, guitars, drums, vocals, violin; everything in this makes me want to have sex with the song.  If only that were possible.

So Tired is a Fugazi cover.  Putting a cover song on an album can be hit or miss with some bands; it's a tribute to a song or band you really like, but if you don't make it your own, what's the point?  The best covers tend to sound very different than the originals.  Spruce Campbells manage to make this song their own without drastically changing anything.  It's a beautiful song, centered around Chelsea Moore's vocals and keyboard accompaniment (sorry, I'm not sure who was playing the keys).

Far Away is a song that causes complicated emotions in the listener.  It starts with just piano and vocals (Chelsea Moore again, as on every song on this album), then drums and violin join in.  The conversation between the male and female vocalists will strike a chord with anyone who ever felt the need that to just get the hell out of Dodge and leave everything behind.  The song is on one hand sad, but on the other hand kind of hopeful.

Well kids, that ends my review of the Spruce Campbells EP, Mosques, Museums, and Mausoleums.  If you want a mind-blowing experience, check them out live and buy the album.

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