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Monday, July 20, 2009

Review: Communitychannel

Communitychannel (i realize i made it one word) is a witty, charming, and often hilarious Youtube show produced by "Nat" an Australian with a fondness for self-deprecating humor.

Nat plays every character on the show, using digital editing to have multiple Nats in a scene. Either that or she has half a dozen sisters who all look and sound the same. which would be pretty convenient if you ever wanted to get out of something like a math test or 5k run or wanted to give someone a sympathy lay but didn't want to do it yourself.

Anyway, each episode is broken down into 3 parts:

The first part is whatever the main topic is, which usually involves a skit of some sort.

The second part is where Nat briefly discusses the last episode or something else that has nothing to do with the first part.

and lastly, is Porno Music Comment Time. This is where (surprise, surprise) she shows comments from the previous episode, briefly answers questions, all while porno music is playing in the background.

here are links to my some of my favorite episodes:

how to lose a fight effectively

bending at the knees for love

uncomfortable love scenes

also, she's obsessed with your mum.

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