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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love hole

i just read in today's Columbus Dispatch that Mickey Rourke and Courtney Love are now a couple.

for a brief moment, i lost all the respect i had for Rourke.

then i realized that the man is damaged. and like always, when she see's a damaged man who is seemingly successful, Courtney Love skanked her way onto his lap so she can suck his blood like a succubus.

i'm guessing it was the scene in the Wrestler when he called Kurt Cobain an asshole. i'm willing to put money that she saw that scene and thought, "a man after my own heart."

what a fucking cunt-rag.

to this day, i've never understood why people defend her. she's a junkie, a shitty mom, a murderer (if she didn't pull the trigger, which seems very likely given the evidence, she certainly drove him to do it), and a no-talent hack.

musical talent = none. acting talent = none. personality = none. looks = none. personal growth = none. taste = none. relevence = none.

i will giver her this; she is somewhat intelligent. getting away with killing her husband, then stealing his career, then fucking every record executive and drunk/drugged rockstar who would touch her heel-skag ass, then getting a role as a junkie prostitute in a huge movie... i mean, that is pretty impressive. you can't be stupid and be able to do all that.

or it could all be luck.

i mean, could someone who looks like horny scientists shaved a chimpanzee, bleached its hair, smeared hooker-red lipstick all over its face, then taught it to take dick in every hole for treats, really be all that intelligent?

she sold millions of records though.. oh wait, it is cliche to say that the majority of people are incredibly stupid, right?

and now her claws are in poor, fucked up, deranged, damaged, Mickey Rourke. hasn't the poor guy had enough pain in his life? now he has to get syphilis, herpes and a fucking leech sucking what's left of his life away?

doesn't he have friends? couldn't Steve Guttenberg give him some helpful advice?
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